Board of Directors

General Secretary
David Morris, Concordia University

Associate General Secretary
Kym Maclaren, Toronto Metropolitan University

The Board of Directors includes all past conference directors in addition to members appointed by the General Secretary. Directors are listed chronologically in the order of the conference they organized or the order of their appointment by the General Secretary.


Board MemberAffiliation
Véronique FótiPennsylvania State University
Richard L. LaniganSouthern Illinois University
Stephen WatsonUniversity of Notre Dame
Galen JohnsonUniversity of Rhode Island
Thomas W. BuschVillanova University
Shaun GallagherUniversity of Central Florida
Dorothea OlkowskiUniversity of Colorado at Colorado Springs
James MorleyRamapo College
Lawrence HassFormer Professor of Philosophy and Theater Arts at Muhlenberg College;
Dean of the McBride Magic & Mystery School
Michael SmithBerry College
Fred EvansDuquesne University
Leonard LawlorPennsylvania State University
Patrick BurkeGonzaga University, Florence, Italy
James RisserSeattle University
James HatleySalisbury State University
Gail WeissGeorge Washington University
Duane M. DavisUniversity of North Carolina at Asheville
William S. HamrickSouthern Illinois University at Edwardsville
Helen FieldingUniversity of Western Ontario
Ted ToadvinePennsylvania State University
Beata StawarskaUniversity of Oregon
Wayne FromanGeorge Mason University
David MorrisConcordia University, Montréal, Canada
Kym MaclarenToronto Metropolitan University
Rachel McCannMississippi State University
Patricia M. LockeSt John’s College, MD
Joanne DillonFriendsville, PA
Glen MazisPennsylvania State University, Harrisburg
Susan O’ShaughnessyConcordia College, MN
Ann MurphyUniversity of New Mexico
Jessica WiskusDuquesne University
Stefan KristensenUniversity of Geneva
Jennifer McWeenyWorcester Polytechnic Institute
Rajiv KaushikBrock University
Talia WelshUniversity of Tennessee, Chattanooga
Shiloh WhitneyFordham University
Joel Michael ReynoldsGeorgetown University