Below are the number, year, topic, location, and director of each of the IMPC’s past conferences. Click on the conference topic to access each conference’s respective program, or download our spreadsheet comprising the title and author of every paper presented to the IMPC. (The spreadsheet lets you easily search, filter, and sort paper titles in various ways; see the instructions at the top of the Papers worksheet.)

Year Conf #   Topic Location Director
2023 47 Merleau-Ponty and Embodiment: Between the Cognitive, Aesthetic, and Socio-Political Deakin University Helen Ngo and Jack Reynolds
2022 46 Fits and Misfits: Rethinking Disability, Debility, and the World with Merleau-Ponty Georgetown University Joel Michael Reynolds
2021 45 Critical Phenomenology and Merleau-Ponty’s Open Futures University of Western Ontario Helen Fielding
2019 44 Affect / Emotion / Feeling Fordham University Shiloh Whitney
2018 43 The Normal and the Abnormal University of Tennessee, Chattanooga Talia Welsh
2017 42 The Significance of Place University of New Mexico Ann V. Murphy
2016 41 Merleau-Ponty: Doing Philosophy from the Outside Brock University Rajiv Kaushik
2015 40 The Twenty-First Century Body: Thinking Merleau-Ponty In and Out of Time Worcester Polytechnic Institute Jennifer McWeeny
2014 39 Adversity and Creation University of Geneva Stefan Kristensen
2013 38 Movement in History, Art and Being Duquesne University Fred Evans
2012 37 Self & Others, Silence & Solitude Fordham University Ann V. Murphy
2011 36 Flesh, Truth, Sacred Life Concordia College Susan M. O’Shaughnessy
2010 35 Merleau-Ponty and Depth University of North Carolina, Asheville Duane H. Davis
2009 34 The Experience and Expression of Space Mississippi State University Rachel McCann
2008 33 Time, Memory, and Self: Remembering Merleau-Ponty at 100 Ryerson University Kym Maclaren
2007 32 Passivity University of Memphis Leonard Lawlor, Bryan Bannon
2006 31 Body and Institution George Mason University Wayne Froman
2005 30 The Child and the Animal University of Oregon Ted Toadvine, Beata Stawarska
2004 29 Expression, Language, Art Muhlenberg College Lawrence Hass
2003 28 Life University of Western Ontario Helen Fielding
2002 27 Ecology Missouri Botanical Garden William Hamrick
2001 26 Merleau-Ponty’s Political Philosophy University of North Carolina, Asheville Duane H. Davis
2000 25 Merleau-Ponty, Feminism, and Intersubjectivity George Washington University Gail Weiss
1999 24 Merleau-Ponty, Mind and Body University of Wales James Morley
1998 23 Ethical Bodies Salisbury State University James Hatley
1997 22 The Concept of Nature Seattle University Patrick Burke, James Risser
1996 21 Merleau-Ponty, Perception, and the History of Philosophy University of Memphis Leonard Lawlor, Ted Toadvine
1995 20 Merleau-Ponty, Language, and Contemporary Thought Duquesne University Fred Evans, Chris Nagel
1994 19 [No Topic] Berry College Michael Smith
1993 18 [No Topic] Muhlenberg College Lawrence Hass
1992 17 [No Topic] Saint Joseph College James Morley
1991 16 [No Topic] University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Dorothea Olkowski
1990 15 [No Topic] Penn State University Veronique M. Foti
1989 14 [No Topic] Canisius College Shaun Gallagher
1988 13 [No Topic] Villanova University Thomas W. Busch
1987 12 [No Topic] University of Rhode Island Galen A. Johnson
1986 11 [No Topic] University of Notre Dame Stephen Watson
1985 10 [No Topic] Southern Illinois University Richard L. Lanigan
1984 9 [No Topic] Concordia University Dennis O’Connor
1983 8 [No Topic] The New School Veronique M. Foti, Allen S. Weiss
1982 7 [No Topic] Binghamton University M. C. Dillon
1981 6 [No Topic] Colgate University Anne Freire Ashbaugh
1980 5 [No Topic] Penn State University Alphonso Lingis, Keith Hoeller, Joseph Kockelmans
1979 4 [No Topic] SUNY Stony Brook Hugh J. Silverman
1978 3 [No Topic] Duquesne University Lester Embree
1977 2 [No Topic] Ohio University Algis Mickunas
1976 1 [No Topic] University of Akron James H. Buchanan