CFP: Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy 2023
University of Sydney | 27 – 29 November The ASCP provides a broad intellectual forum for scholars working within or in communication with continental philosophy and European philosophical traditions. We welcome papers or panel proposals from scholars working diverse backgrounds at any stage of their career. Keynote Speakers:
  • Joanne Faulkner (Macquarie University)
  • Yuk Hui (City University of Hong Kong)
  • Gail Weiss (George Washington University)
Deadline for submissions is extended to: 1 August 2023. For more details as well as submission guidelines, please go to The 2023 ASCP conference this year will be part of the Congress of the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences organized by CHASS ( Conference Queries: You can find us on
IMPC 47: Merleau-Ponty and Embodiment: Between the Cognitive, Aesthetic, and Socio-Political

Dec 4th – Dec 6th 2023 | Deakin University, Melbourne (Narrm), Australia | In-person and virtual (hybrid)

“Le corps est notre moyen général d’avoir un monde. / The body is our general means of having a world.”

Merleau-Ponty’s seminal work on embodiment has been of enduring interest and influence in a wide range of fields. It has, for example, played a significant role in research on embodied cognition and enactivism, subjectivity and intersubjectivity, affectivity, movement, art, place, and more. Although sometimes criticized for providing an account of embodiment that is too general, Merleau-Ponty’s philosophical foregrounding of embodiment has also facilitated critical phenomenological studies attending to the specificities of how particular bodies inhabit social and political environments, through considerations of race, gender, disability, aging, and illness. This year’s meeting of the IMPC seeks to bring together these rich and varied strands of enquiry, in order to think with, against, and beyond Merleau-Ponty’s own contributions on the lived body.

Only its third time outside North America, this year’s meeting of IMPC will take place in Melbourne (Narrm), Australia, on the traditional and unceded lands of the Kulin Nation. The conference is being directed by Helen Ngo and Jack Reynolds, with support from Andrew Inkpin and others. Keynote and plenary speakers will be announced shortly. The conference will be held at the centrally located and accessible Deakin Downtown campus, and recommended accommodation options will be provided nearer the date.

Full paper submissions of no more than 3,500 words should be prepared for anonymous review and sent to both the conference directors at and with the subject heading “IMPC submission” by May 15, 2023. As is custom, submissions on any aspect of Merleau-Ponty’s work, in addition to the conference theme, are also welcome.

This year’s conference will include a thematic stream on Race, place, and bodies curated by Helen Ngo for a research project funded by the Australian Research Council (DE220100329). A small number of bursaries will be available for students and unwaged early career researchers presenting in-person in this stream. Participants wishing to be considered for this are asked to indicate so on the cover letter of your submission.

The conference features the M. C. Dillon prize and lecture for the best graduate student paper submission. To be considered for this prize, please indicate so on the cover letter of your submission. This year’s conference will also inaugurate a second graduate student prize, the Morstyn prize, which recognizes our late colleague, from Sydney, Australia, Ron Morstyn, who contributed to and attended the IMPC over many years, with special interests in psychology and psychiatry. Details for consideration for this prize will be announced between now and the submission deadline.  

Finally, as this conference will be held as a hybrid event, please indicate whether, upon acceptance, you plan to attend in-person or virtually. In order to host the conference at a physical location, a certain percentage of talks will need to be presented in person, and this will be factored in during the anonymous review process. If you plan to attend virtually because doing so physically presents insurmountable accessibility issues (of whatever sort, including economic ones), you are welcome (but not required) to include that information. You are also welcome to include any anticipated accessibility needs, which will greatly assist in planning.

CFA – ICNAP XIV: Affect in Dialogue, A conference on phenomenology of affect

May 30th – June 1st 2023 | Center for Phenomenological Psychology and Aesthetics | University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Venue: City Campus, Øster Farigmagsgade 5a, 1353 Copenhagen K

Submission of abstracts and registration are now open for the Interdisciplinary Coalition of North American Phenomenologists’ (ICNAP) conference on the phenomenology of affect. The conference is hosted by Center for Phenomenological Psychology and Aesthetics (CPPA) at Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen.

Affect has been a central theme of inquiry throughout the history of phenomenology. As the coloring of our experiences, it relates to aesthetics, ethics, psychopathology, social justice and many other areas of investigation. We call for abstracts on research concerning the various questions within the topic of phenomenology of affect.

Questions include, but are not limited to:

  • What is affect?
  • How does affectivity emerge?
  • How does affectivity relate to the body?
  • What is the role of affectivity in other dimensions of experience, such as perception, imagination, and judgement?
  • How can the experience of affect be approached methodologically?

Confirmed speakers include Claire Petitmengin (Institut Mines-Télécom Business School & Husserl Archives École Normale Supérieure), Sara Heinämaa (University of Jyväskylä), and Susi Ferrarello (Cal State East Bay).

While we welcome submissions relating to the phenomenology of affect, we also welcome submissions on other topics within the scope of phenomenological scholarship and interdisciplinary phenomenology.

Abstracts of no more than 250 words should be sent to on February 1st 2023 at the latest. Please include name of author and title of the presentation.

Information on acceptance of abstracts should be ready 1st of March 2023.

There will be a 1290 DKK registration fee for non-student participants and a 1000 DKK fee for students (bachelor, master, and PhD). The price includes conference dinner at a restaurant in Copenhagen. Sign up for the conference in the menu on the left on 15th of March 2023 at the latest.

See more information here:

PhP Around the World 10th Video Launch: Moral Horizons of Pain — September 23, 13h-14:30h EST (Montreal)


Moral Horizons of Pain, the tenth philosophy video in the series on Phenomenology of Perception Around the World, is ready to launch! The launch features the video’s world premiere, followed by a discussion with the makers of the film, Santanu Dutta, Ariel Ducey, Martina Kelly, Pratim Sengupta (Canada). The discussion will be hosted by David Morris (Canada). This will be followed by a question and answer session with attendees. The launch is via a Zoom meeting, on 23 September, 13:00h-14:30h EST (Montreal). It is free but requires registration

Moral Horizons of Pain offers a critical phenomenological re-orientation of medical diagnosis and caring for pain. Drawing upon Merleau-Ponty’s notions of first and second order perceptions and Ahmed’s notion of orientations, the team of interdisciplinary scholars in sociology, learning sciences and medicine reveal hidden moral undertones underpinning technoscientific practices in medicine.

ICNAP 13: Corpus Crisis

June 1-3, 2022 | The Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center | Duquesne University, Pittsburgh PA

The 13th meeting of ICNAP is generously being hosted online for the second year in a row by The Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center at Duquesne University. The meeting’s grammatically suspect dictum, corpus crisis, is meant in its multiple resonances and acknowledges the world-historical crisis of the pandemic as the background of its thirteenth meeting. Corpus Crisis signals and troubles the body and bodies in phenomenology. It indexes the many disciplines that constitute the phenomenological field and focuses on the question of whose body or what ‘kinds’ of embodiment are included in the phenomenological tradition and practice. Correlatively, corpus crisis signifies the possibility of phenomenology to be more phenomenological; in relation to and in redress of historically- sedimented social and political injustices. To be sure, corpus crisis consciously brings Husserl’s Crisis to mind and echoes with his prescience by way of an invitation to reconsider and specify the contribution of his thought in our time.

To submit a proposal for consideration (abstract of 150-250 words with 4 keywords), please complete the form at: This form will prepare all submissions for blind review. Proposals are due May 10, 2022.

More information on the conference is available in the conference CFP and the ICNAP website. Registration fees range from $0-$30 (USD). Those interested in registering for the conference may do so here. Please direct inquiries to Tone Roald, Vice-President, at or Athena Colman, ICNAP President, at

Merleau-Ponty: Institution – Ontology – Politics

Hosted by Praxis Research Group, Centro de Filosofia (Praxis-CFUL), Universidade de Lisboa, the international conference Merleau-Ponty: Institution-Ontology-Politics aims at launching a fresh view on Merleau-Ponty’s late works, courses and published and unpublished materials, in order to assess his legacy and potentiality beyond the frontiers of phenomenology and to broaden the scope of his philosophical influence. Thus, the conference seeks to bring scholars together to explore the not-always-obvious connections of his late work with other disciplines such us political philosophy, social ontology, aesthetics, critical theory or cultural studies. We are particularly interested in contributions that engage with Merleau-Ponty’s late philosophy.

We welcome proposals for academic contributions that speak to the concerns of the conference as outlined above. Each speaker will have 25 min. for presentation, followed by 15 min. of questions and discussion. Interested speakers should submit a 400-words abstract, accompanied by a short biographical note (max. 150 words), to by the 31st of May. Selected submissions will be confirmed before mid-June. The conference has been conceived as a two-day in-person event, but if the number of quality submissions exceeds expectations, a third day may be added. The conference will be held in English and both register and attendance are free.

Philosophy Video Premiere & Launch: Art and Aesthetics in and After Phenomenology of Perception (A Conversation in Five Parts) — Oct 1

Art and Aesthetics in and After Phenomenology of Perception (A Conversation in Five Parts), a philosophy video that is the seventh in a series on Phenomenology of Perception Around the World, is ready to launch! The launch features the video’s world premiere, followed by a discussion with three of the scholars in the video, Rajiv Kaushik (Canada), Fielding (Canada), Galen Johnson (USA), and host David Morris (Canada). This will be followed by a question and answer session with attendees. The launch is via a Zoom Webinar, on 1 October 2021, 15:00-17:00 EST (Montreal). It is free but requires registration

The film gathers six scholars, all known internationally for their own work on art and aesthetics in Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenology, to have an open and improvised conversation. The six scholars are: Jorella Andrews, Edward S. Casey, Helen Fielding, Véronique Fóti, Galen Johnson, and Rajiv Kaushik.

This is a film of their conversation in five parts: “A Philosophy Better Served by Art?”; “Thinking in Paint”; “The Political”; “Critics, Silence”; “Art-Philosophy, Philosophy-Art.”

 The results are a lively, highly original and personal, discussion concerning the centrality of art and artwork in Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception and his phenomenology in general. This film, very much in the spirit of Merleau-Ponty himself, stands as a helpful document for students and scholars alike.

The film will be premiered during the launch via the series site It will be permanently available for streaming thereafter. Watch the trailer here.