Introducing the Curfew series by Donald A. Landes

The International Merleau-Ponty Circle invites you to view Curfew and Curfew 2.39, two series of watercolours created by IMPC scholar Donald A. Landes (translator of the 2012 English edition of The Phenomenology of Perception and author of Merleau-Ponty and the Paradoxes of Expression and The Merleau-Ponty Dictionary).

The Curfew series is a set of 28 paintings completed, one per night, across the first 28 nights of curfew (instituted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic) in Quebec City. The conceptual foundations for this project are outlined at the beginning of the video in the artist’s (philosopher’s?) statement.

Curfew 2.39 was created in response to Québec City’s announcement of a second curfew of indeterminate length. The piece(s) explore the layering and fusion of time through colour and shape by drawing upon the temporal properties of the watercolour medium. Both the Curfew and Curfew 2.39 series feature music from LZNDRF II by Ben Lanz.

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