Phenomenology of Perception in Japan: Current Trends and the Future— Launch 8 AM EDT 14 May 2021

Phenomenology of Perception in Japan: Current Trends and the Future, a philosophy video that is the sixth in a series on Phenomenology of Perception Around the World, is ready to launch! The launch features the video’s world premiere, followed by a discussion with its makers, Maiko Sakai, Tadashi Kawasaki, Tetsuo Sawada,  Yasuyuki Sano, and Yu Miyahara, from Japan, and host David Morris (Canada). This will be followed by a question and answer session with attendees, in English (and also Japanese with English translation). The launch is via a Zoom Webinar, on 14 May 2021, 08:00-10:00 EDT (Montreal). It is free but requires registration

In recent years, some Japanese researchers have read Merleau-Ponty in a new way. They published or are going to publish ambitious works concerning Merleau-Ponty. What aspects of Merleau-Ponty’s thought inspired their works? In this video, five Japanese researchers introduce their own works that interpret Merleau-Ponty’s thought as an attempt at critical phenomenology: an attempt to bring about social change by describing marginalized experiences.

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